February 2013/ edition 2
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At attocube our mission is to develop products which create sustainable impact for the scientific world. We are driven by the vision to equip research labs worldwide with high-quality & user-friendly products.

Are you already working with an attocube instrument? We would be excited to hear about your latest research results and to receive your contribution for our Application Note Award 2013.

You don't work with one of our products yet? Get inspired by the excellent results achieved with our equipment!

attocube Application Note Award 2013 - win an iPad!

Are you looking for the ultimate motivational boost to publish groundbreaking measurement results from your lab? Here we go: attocube announces the Application Note Award 2013 !

We want to support and encourage young scientists and PhDs in generating innovative and outstanding contributions to the scientific world. All submitted applications will be evaluated by Prof. Dr. Khaled Karraï, Scientific Director and Dr. Martin Zech, Chief Technical Officer of attocube.

apply here & get your own iPad!

Application note: Magneto-Raman measurements on Graphene

In the attached application note, an attocube attoCFM I optical microscope has been used for high-resolution Magneto-Raman measurements on ultra-pure graphene at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Anti-crossings can be seen where hybridization of E2g phonons and magneto-excitons take place.

The measurements were performed at 7K and in magnetic fields up to 9T in a modified attoCFM I using our new, ultra-stable confocal optics head.

attocube application note

attoFACTs: Did you know that our ANP positioners...

...are designed for use in extreme environments 
(mK range, UHV up to 5E-11 mbar & high magnetic fields of 31 T)

...are used for LISA , the world's biggest space experiment. Go and learn more about our "extraterrestrial" ANR240 rotator  here

...are made from highly pure Titanium but can also be customized from beryllium copper or in a gold plated version as upgrade options... have a look here

...are available as linear stages, rotators, goniometers and scanners which can directly be stacked on top of each other

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