April 2014/ edition 3
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Here is our attoNEWs spring edition with latest news on exciting applications & our brand new table top system which has been designed, developed and successfully installed by our attoINNOVISIONS department. Get inspired by attocube's ideas and applications live on spot and join our next user meeting in Pisa...


Save the date & sign up for our user meeting at the QD2014 Conference in Pisa now! We have invited distinguished guest speakers to give you exciting insights into newest optical measurement techniques. Additionally, our attocube experts will talk on latest developments and product news.

Monday, May 12, 6:45 - 8:30 p.m.

Attendance is free and open to anyone!

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    • Dr. Chaoyang Lu, USTC Hefei, China
      Pushing for the limit of single photon sources driving on attoDRY1000
    • Dr. Martin Kroner, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
      Resonant laser spectroscopy of single quantum dots in an optical dilution cryostat
    • Dr. Christoph Bödefeld, attocube systems
      Recent developments and outlook on upcoming innovations

Photonic Probe Station for variable temperature

attocube’s new Photonic Probe Station combines two optical fiber probes & a free beam Confocal Microscope (attoCFM I), and hence provides an ultra-stable, extremely compact and easy to use table top setup for nanophotonic device characterization such as Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). Moreover, it can be combined with attocube’s state of the art attoDRY700 table top cryostat for convenient characterization of photonic nanostructures in a temperature range from 3K up to 300K.

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SGM experiments on Quantum Hall Effect Structures
at 300mK and 8T

Nicola Paradiso, Stefan Heun, and co-workers measured the fractional quantum Hall effect in quantum point contacts using an attoAFM III in an attoLIQUID3000 at very low temperature (300 mK) and high magnetic field (~8 T). These ground-breaking Scanning Gate Microscopy experiments pave the way to a better understanding of the role of fractional phases in the field of coherent quantum transport!

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A perfect match: attocube & Neaspec

attocube systems took over the majority share in Neaspec GmbH in mid-February. Neaspec - a company based in Martinsried close to Munich - specializes in developing scanning near-field optical microscopes (SNOM). These microscopes break the resolution limit of conventional existing optical microscopes and therefore open up completely new applications for nanoanalytical characterization.

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Latest customer publications using attocubes' products:
Nano-optical observation of cascade switching in a parallel
superconducting nanowire single photon detector

M. G. Tanner et al. Applied Physics Letters 104 063503 (2014)

Energy losses of nanomechanical resonators induced by atomic force
microscopy-controlled mechanical impedance mismatching

J. Rieger et al. Nature Communications 5 3345 (2014)

Quantum dots: Electrifying cavities
R. Oulton Nature Nanotechnology 9 169 (2014)

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