June 2014/ edition 4
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This month's attoNEWs edition comes not only with exciting product news and applications but also with a
completely refurbished look & feel: Visit our brand new webpage!

Fresh. Clean. Intuitive.

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website! After a full year of gathering ideas and optimizing structures we are delighted to offer a new browsing experience!

We did a complete re-design in order to make it easier for you to explore
our products and applications. We hope you'll like it  & we can't wait to show you the fresh & updated result with a bunch of new features and inspiring product news...

Long distance measurements at high velocities

In stunning tests of velocity and range, attocube’s fiber-optic based
Fabry-Pérot sensor (FPS) interferometer proofs to enable users
to measure a target’s relative displacement with sub-nm
resolution and real-time position output at distances of up to
1 m and velocities of up to 2 m/s.

get the Application Note here

Thermal Coupling Device for cryogenic experiments

Focussing on the specific requirements of cryogenic experiments,
attocube sets new standards by offering highest mechanical flexibility
while at the same time guaranteeing unrivaled cooling power: The thermal coupling device ATC100 is made from gold-plated copper,
and provides an easy-to-use solution compatible to all ANP101 positioner
and ANS100 scanner models achieving an outstanding thermal
conductivity of up to 25 mW/K. It is now available with integrated temperature sensor (Si diode or calibrated Cernox, respectively) and heater.

ATC100 specification sheet

ECR4040AP - rotator with integrated aperture

attocube’s Industrial Line of positioners is complemented by
the new rotator ECR4040AP enabling endless rotation both clockwise
and anticlockwise with torques up to 2 Ncm. With an ½” aperture
in the rotator center
it is the perfect choice for challenging
optics experiments.

ECR4040AP            ECR4040AP/NUM

Latest publications using attocubes' products:
A single quantum dot as an optical thermometer for mK temperatures
F. Haupt et al.; 1405.1981v1 (2014)
Scanning probe microscopy in an ultra-low vibration cryostat
F.P. Quacquarelli et al.; 1405.2046 (2014)

Quantum dots: Electrifying cavities
R. Oulton; Nature Nanotechnology 9, 169-170 (2014)

Visit attocube @:
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ACTUATOR, June 23-25
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SPS Meeting, June 30 - July 2