September 2014/ edition 6
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This months attoNEWS edition comes with the latest developments and applications from our attoMOTION department &
the brand-new, updated FPS3010 brochure featuring exciting innovations in interferometry.

ANPz102: Designed for optical applications

The new linear z-positioner ANPz102 complements attocube’s Premium Line by offering exceptional stability, and is specifically designed for minimum lateral runout (typically < 1µm). This is particularly well suited for applications such as confocal microscopy, where focusing an optical beam onto the sample requires repeated approaches towards the desired position from both directions. The graph on the left shows the measured lateral runout of less than 1 µm during repeated vertical motion of the ANPz102 up and down over 200µm.

get more info on the ANPz102

Nanomanipulation of 1-D nanostructures using ECS3030 positioners inside an electron microscope

The group of Horacio Espinosa at Northwestern University has employed attocube‘s ECS3030 positioners (controlled by an ECC100 piezo-controller) to accomplish nanometer precise manipulation of various nanotubes inside a SEM chamber. Once a nanowire is picked up, the manipulator is used to position it on top of a MEMS device for testing elastic strength as well as for four-point electrical measurements.

get the Application Note here
Hot off the press: our updated FPS3010 brochure

attocube’s mission is to deliver uniquely precise, elegant, and reliable products. It is our ambition to reduce complexity, and at the same time offer the most user-friendly, automated, and compact solutions. This is why we permanently strive to enhance our products.

And of course we would like to share our latest findings and innovations with you: get the updated FPS3010 brochure with new experimental data on the environmental compensation unit, a better overview on the available sensor heads, their alignment tolerances & working ranges, as well as up-to-date info on the optical targets & materials.

get the updated FPS3010 brochure here

Latest publications using attocubes' products:
A piezoelectric cryogenic heat switch
A. E. Jahromi et al.; Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 065118 (2014)
Near-field resonance shifts of ferroelectric barium titanate domains upon
low-temperature phase transition
J. Döring et al.; Applied Physics Letters 105, 053109 (2014)

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