October 2014/ edition 7
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This month we are delighted to present our brand new catalog full of exciting products & ideas. If you want to receive a
hardcopy version, just send an E-Mail to and we will be happy to mail it to you.

New: upgrade your attoCFM I with our polarization extinction package for resonance fluorescence

Our new polarization extinction package allows for measurements of the resonance fluorescence of semiconductor quantum dots, color centers in diamond, silicon carbide and single molecule samples with the attoCFM I. It includes three remote controlled closed loop piezo rotators as well as two polarizers and a quarter wave plate, which integrate easily into the modular attoCFM I external optics head. Using a narrow- band tunable laser (<1 pm line width), extinction ratios of more than 106 can be reached.

more info on our polarization extinction package

Resonance fluorescence spectroscopy on a single quantum dot

In this Application Note, we present resonance fluorescence spectroscopy measurements on a semiconductor quantum dot measured with our attoCFM I. We successfully employed the new polarization extinction upgrade (see above) in combination with our new infrared ranged, apochromatic performance, low-temperature objectives. Spectral filtering of the emission reveals the Mollow triplet.

get the Application Note here

attoACADEMY@MRS - attocube user meeting 2014

Save the date & sign up for our user meeting at the MRS now!
We have invited a distinguished guest speaker to give you exciting insights into the newest research results and measurement techniques. Additionally, we have attocube & neaspec experts talking on latest developments and product news.

Wednesday, December 3rd, 5 p.m.

Attendance is free & open to everyone and we are happy to invite you for some snacks, refreshments, and interesting talks after a strenuous day at the show...

info on the topics & sign up              preregister for MRS exhibition badge

attoCATALOG  2014 & 2015

Hot off the press & no need to wait any longer - our brand
new catalog is available now! We kept working diligently
on upgrading existing features, designing new innovative products
& also included many of our latest cutting-edge applications.

Flip through 385 inspiring pages filled with our user-friendly
solutions facilitating your day-to-day work.

download the pdf version here

Latest publications using attocubes' products:
Near-field resonance shifts of ferroelectric barium titanate domains upon low
temperature phase transition

J. Döring et al.; aAppl. Phys. Lett. 105, 053109 (2014)
Scan Temperature Dependence of Ferroelectric Properties of the Potassium Lithium
K1−xLixTaO3 Obtained with Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Technique

N. V. Andreeva et al.; Ferroelectrics 469, 73 (2014)

A high-precision instrument for mapping of rotational errors in rotary stages
W. Xu et al.; J. Synchrotron Rad. 21, 1367 (2014)

Visit attocube @:
MMM, November 3-6
ASPE, November 11-13
Precision Fair, November 12-13
MRS Fall, December 3-5

BESSY II User Meeting, December 4-5