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The future success of manufacturing and engineering strongly depends on the ability to efficiently control complex processes, to interconnect single components and manage process chains from virtually everywhere on the planet.

attocube's brand new IDS3010 sensor has specifically been designed to match these 'Industry 4.0' standards and fulfills future requirements on precision, flexibility and interconnectivity already today.

Integrated Web Server

IDS sensors are equipped with an integrated webserver, enabling customers to setup, align, readback, and firmware upgrade IDS devices remotely - from almost anywhere on the planet.

Various Industrial and Real-time Interfaces

The IDS is delivered with a standard set of high-speed interfaces for real-time data communication as well as the option to interconnect with industrial networks.

Surface Measurements down to 4% Reflectivity

The sensor is compatible with a variety of targets and materials. Measurements can be conducted on low reflective targets down to 4% surface reflectivity.

Accurate. Long Distances. Ultra fast.

The IDS revolutionizes the optical sensing market with unmatched specifications: 10 MHz bandwidth, subatomic resolution, 2 m/s target velocity and working distances of up to 5 m.

Low Cost - Designed for Large Volumes

At large volumes, the pricing of the IDS is comparable to traditional position sensing systems. The very compact housing and flexible fibers with ultra small sensor heads provide ideal conditions for integrating the IDS into complete systems for position monitoring.

Convince yourself of the incredible precision of attocube's IDS & visit us at CONTROL in Stuttgart! Our technical sales team is looking forward to conduct a test measurement on your finest components & machine parts: smallest irregularities will be detected with pico-meter precision! Sign up for your free ticket now...