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This month's edition comes with the latest innovations & developments of our attoCRYO department and inspiring customer applications using our nanopositioners and microscopes.

CFM base kit

CFM Base Kit for Magneto-Optics

While many researchers opt for a complete and carefree system solution, others prefer to work on the basis of their own vast experience with homebuilt setups. For this reason attocube also offers CFM base kits based on our proven optics components.

Instead of a fully tested complete setup, the customer receives the components of his choice for building his own setup. This base kit approach allows to equip each attoDRY cryostat with several different optical inserts, each one optimized for a specific experiment.

 get more info on our base kit here


attoDRY2100 - now available with vector magnets

Our toploading, low vibration attoDRY2100 cryostat is the perfect choice for any variable temperature experiment between 1.5 K & 300 K. Besides its automated temperature control via an integrated touchscreen, it is now also available with horizontal fields and vector magnets:

  • standard: 7 or 9 T; vertical field
  • split coil magnet (1 .. 7 T); horizontal field
  • 2/3D vector magnet (e.g. 9/3 T | 0.5/0.5/0.5 T | 9/1/1 T, ...)

  attoDRY2100 webpage

Low temperature magnetization reversal properties of SrRuO3

Understanding the dynamics of magnetization reversal in materials is key to assessing their potential for magnetic storage. Most studies so far have concentrated on room temperature experiments. However, this only represents a narrow range of relevant parameters. L. Landau and co-workers from the group of Lior Klein (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel) explored the other end of the parameter range. Using the attoAFM I they studied the low temperature magnetization reversal properties of SrRuO3.

get the Application Note here

mK STM Image with Atomic Resolution

This STM image of an aluminum (100) surface was measured at 15 mK in a homebuilt mK-STM at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, where an attocube ANPz51 positioner was employed for coarse approach. The STM holds the current world record concerning energy resolution.

The image size is about 29 nm x 20 nm. The corrugation is between 300 fm and 800 fm, depending on the direction of the line profile. Defects show up as ring-like structures with different radii depending of their depth.

 AIP publication

Further customer publications using attocubes' products:
Breaking of Valley Degeneracy by Magnetic Field in Monolayer MOSe2
D. MacNeill et al.; Phys. Rev. Lett 114 3 (2015)
2D photonic-crystal optomechanical nanoresonator
K. Makles et al.; Opt. Lett. 40 174 (2015)
The nature of domain walls in ultrathin ferromagnets revealed by scanning nanomagnetometry
J.-P. Tetienne et al.; Nat. Comm. 6733 (2015)

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