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We hope you had a fantastic start into 2016! We kept working diligently on our products always keeping our promise to deliver most user friendly & highly functional solutions facilitating your day-to-day work. Get inspired...

Sensor Head D12/F2.8; M12/C.7

Choose the Perfect Sensor Head for your Distance Measurement

attocube's fiber-based interferometers can be operated with a wide range of sensor heads, each one optimized for specific measurement tasks. The portfolio ranges from ultra-compact for very confined spaces (Ø 1 mm) to larger designs for easy alignment and high dynamic range applications. The simple plug-and-play nature allows for various set-up configurations and switching of sensor heads within seconds.

Two new heads have recently been added to the portfolio: The D12/F2.8 is designed for highly sensitive surface measurements offering a spot size of 2 μm at a working distance of 2.8 mm. Due to its sophisticated design, the M12/C7.6 completely eliminates signal intensity peaks even over large distances of up to 5 m and is therefore the perfect choice for long range measurements.

  get more info on our sensor head portfolio here


Enhanced Accuracy at Ambient Conditions

When performing interferometric measurements in ambient conditions, air refractive index fluctuations can be a limiting factor: variations in surrounding pressure, temperature, and humidity can cause measurement inaccuracies in the tens of parts-per-million (ppm) range. Especially for applications where highest precision is key, these deviations have to be measured and accounted for.

With the ECU (Environmental Compensation Unit), attocube offers the first interferometer compensation unit providing fully automated air refractive index correction down to the sub-ppm range: when connected to the IDS interferometer, the ECU automatically detects the absolute sensor/target separation, calculates the actual air refractive index, and compensates any incremental measurement. In addition, environmental parameters are recorded and stored for future reference.

  get more info on the ECU here

NUM+ UHV  chamber

NUM+ Encoder for Piezo Stages: Reduced Heat Input for your Vacuum Application

attocube is introducing its new NUM+ encoders for all vacuum compatible nano drives: Each positioner is now equipped with this new opto-electronic encoder which significantly reduces the sensor related heat input by a factor of 6 to only 50 mW – a stunning improvement which is especially beneficial for vacuum applications.

  more info on attocube's encoder options

APP Raman

Addressing Strain and Doping in Isotopically Labelled Graphene by Cryogenic Raman Mapping

T. Verhagen in the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague conducted a comprehensive study on the effects of temperature induced strain on two-layer Graphene sheets using an attoRAMANxs confocal Raman microscope. Using isotopical labelling, they can differentiate the influences of the surface on the lower and on the upper layer. A correlation analysis allows to separate strain and doping contributions to the observed Raman shifts. This detailed analysis allows to estimate temperature induced strain and doping contributions that are important when analyzing transport measurements on graphene mono- and bilayers.

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