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Extensive MFM Studies on Thin Manganite Films over Variable Temperatures in High Magnetic Fields

A research team around Prof. Jian Shen from the low-dimensional material physics group at Fudan University (China) has studied extensively thin films of manganites (LaPrCaMnO on SrTiO). This family of materials has very unique electronic and magnetic properties, which can be tailored for all sorts of spintronic and electronic applications.

Their findings have been published in a series of 5 papers, in which they have been using an attoAFM/MFM Ixs in an attoDRY1000 and PPMS to characterize the microscopic origins of a magnetic and electronic phase separation at low temperatures and in high magnetic fields controlled by nanopatterning as well as shedding light on the connection between bulk electric and microscopic magnetic properties of such films. For a summary of both topics, have a look at our new application notes.

 Effect of confinement on the cryogenic behaviour of Manganites

 Link between bulk electric and microscopic magnetic properties of LaPryCaMnO