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attoACADEMY user meetings

creating scientific impact

Join our attoACADEMY events and learn more about latest research topics & measurement techniques achieved with attocube's instruments! Renowned scientists will give you exciting insights into their research, attocube experts talk on latest developments and product news.

Pre regsiter now and will we keep you posted on upcoming events.

Recent topics

APS March 2018

  • Remarkable Long-Term Stability of Nanoconfined Metal-Halide Perovskite Crystals against Degradation and Polymorph Transitions
    Ms. Xiaoqing Kong, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Room-temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy - How Experimental Requirements Force Improvements in Already Excellent Thermal Stability
    Dr. Amit Finkler, Department of Chemical and Biological Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

  • Beyond Qualitative: Using MFM to Probe Superconductivity, Vortices, and Skyrmions
    Dr. Ophir Auslaender, Physics Department Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

  • Ultra-broadband Synchrotron Infrared Nano Spectroscopy and User Science
    Dr. Michael C. Martin, Advanced Light Source (ALS), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Cryogenic Near-Field Microscopy of Correlated Electron Phase Transitions
    Dr. Alex S. McLeod, Department of Physics, Columbia University in the City of New York
  • cryo-neaSNOM - Cryogenic Optical Nanoscopy and Nano-spectroscopy with <20nm Spatial Resolution
    Dr. Max Eisele, Senior Application Engineer,neaspec GmbH

  • From Micro to Mesoscale - Fully Automated Transport Measurements in Complex Parameter Spaces
    Dr. Balázs Sipos, Head of Customer Success, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany


APS March 2017

  • Dr. Balázs Sipos, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    Automated angle-dependent transport measurements at variable temperature and AFM with integrated sample GPS
  • Prof. Kin Fai Mak, Pennsylvania State University, Department of Physics, PA, USA
    Valley and spin-polarized Landau levels in single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Dr. Hao Liu, Fudan University, Department of Physics, Shanghai, China
    Observing single phase states in manganite nanodiscs

APS March 2016

  • Dr. Balázs Sipos, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    From vortices to skyrmions: the latest advancements and applications in  low temperature scanning probe microscopy
  • Mr. Shuo Sun, Department of Electrical and Comupter Engineering, University of Maryland
    Cavity quantum electrodynamics with semiconductor quantum dots
  • Dr. Naufer Nusran, Materials Science & Engineering, Ames Laboratory
    Using NV-centers in diamond for optical magnetic sensing in superconductors
  • Ms. Chitraleema Chakraborty, Institute of Optics, University of Rochester
    Voltage controlled quantum emission from an atomically thin semiconductor

APS March 2015

  • Dr. Florian Otto, attocube systems AG, Munich
    The world’s first cryo-optical table & other innovations in cryogenic microscopy 
  • Dr. Joris Van de Vondel, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    Time-resolved low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy to investigate the dynamics of the superconducting condensate
  • Dr. Angela Hight Walker, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
    Probing charge density waves of 2D materials with temperature-dependent magneto-raman spectroscopy
  • Dr. Gervasi Herranz, ICMAB, Barcelona, Spain
    Optical imaging of ferroelectric and magnetic materials at the diffraction limit
  • Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand, Nanooptics Group, CIC Nanogune, San Sebastian, Spain
    Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy of molecular fingerprints
  • Prof. Dimitri Basov, Department of Physics, UC San Diego, CA, USA
    Broad-band ultra-fast nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging of complex materials

nanoMRI 2015

  • Dr. Balázs Sipos, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    The world's first cryo-optical table & other innovations in cryogenic microscopy
  • Dr. Yonathan Anahory, Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Condensed Matter Pyhiscs, Israel
    Scanning SQUID-on-tip microscopy: magnetic imaging on the nanoscale
  • Prof. Dr. Eva Weig, University Konstanz, Department of Physics, Germany
    Mechanical impendance mismatch spectroscopy - nanomechanics, microwaves and an attoAFM

APS March 2014

  • Dr. Florian Otto, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    Recent developments and outlook on upcoming innovations
  • Dr. Yoon Seok Oh, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Rutgers University
    Low-temperature piezo-force microscopy study of multiferroics
  • Dr. Bernhard Urbaszek, LPCNO, INSA Toulouse
    Confocal microscopy in closed Helium-cycle cryostats: Optical control of the electron spin and valley index in semiconductor nano-structures

QD 2014

  • Dr. Chaoyang Lu, USTC Shanghai, China
    Pushing for the limit of single photon sources driving on attoDRY1000
  • Dr. Martin Kroner, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Resonant laser spectroscopy of single quantum dots in an optical dilution cryostat
  • Dr. Christoph Bödefeld, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    Recent developments and outlook on upcoming innovations

MRS Fall 2014

  • Dr. Florian Otto, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    Applications of attoAFM I: Recent PFM and MFM application results
  • Andrew J. Kerman, Ph.D., Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    Quantum device technology research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Dr. Johan Ek Weis, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the AS CR, v.v.i., Prague
    Raman spectroscopy of mono and bilayer graphene at low temperatures
  • Dr. Andreas Huber, Director Sales & Applications Development, neaspec GmbH
    Introducting nano-FTIR - imaging and spectroscopy at 10nm resolutions

MRS 2013

  • Dr. Balázs Sipos, attocube systems AG, Munich, Germany
    Imaging Skyrmions using attoMFM in a cryogen free environment
  • Eleonora Vella, Department of Physics, University of Montreal, Canada
    Ultrashort pulse spectral dispersion induced by attocube microscope objectives
  • Anna Fontcuberta i Morral,  School of Engineering, EPFL Lausanne
    III-V semiconductor nanowires, fundamental and applied aspects