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 Workshop  'Fundamentals Laser Interferometer'

Compact course: fundamentals and applications
of interferometry for measuring displacements

The one-day workshop includes fundamental know-how about using laser interferometers for displacement measurement. In addition to interferometric fundamentals and potential applications, attocube´s miniaturized laser interferometer is presented and participants will use the interferometer in a hands-on session.

Theory-Part (before noon)

  • Fundamentals and function principle of Fabry-Perot Interferometers
  • Technical potential of IDS3010 interferometer
  • Interfaces and signal processing of IDS3010
  • Applications of interferometric displacement measurement

participation fee p.p.: 800 € plus VAT


Practical-Part (after noon)

  • Start-up the IDS3010 interferometer
  • Using and installing the sensor heads in combination with different targets, angle tolerances and working ranges
  • Optical alignment and measurement on a retroreflector, a metal sphere, and other surfaces
  • Data post-processing with real time outputs

I am interested in the attocube workshop 'fundamentals laser interferometer'.
Please keep me informed on upcoming workshop dates.